what is a strategic partner?

The Musketeers CIC are urging local businesses to take the Strategic Partnership pledge and support their mission to tackle digital poverty across Mansfield and Ashfield.

In becoming a Strategic Partner, local businesses are pledging to undertake activities which support The Musketeers’ endeavour to tackle digital poverty as well as its wider commitment to championing community focused projects linking local business to gain wider participation.

our strategic partners

businesses taking the pledge to support our local community

why take the strategic partner pledge?

We quickly realised that online provision in place of face to face learning was not something we could take for granted. We now know that 28% of our students have no access to a computer at home, with another 24% having only limited access to a shared device. Teaching online lessons therefore placed our community at a substantial disadvantage and potentially widened an already significant attainment gap. It has been our goal to overcome this barrier and we’ve been lucky enough to benefit from donations from The Musketeers that have assisted our most disadvantaged families. Giving the gift of digital access is priceless. We are proud to be strategic partners of The Musketeers in the fight against digital poverty. Every donation empowers our young people, enabling them to flourish as a digital citizen.

donna percival

vice principal, queen elizabeth's academy

Take The Musketeers’ Strategic Partnership Pledge and support our community today